Radio Guy. Web Guy.

I had no idea it would lead to this.

During my career in radio, I’ve done it all, from night jock to owner, with a heavy dose of consulting, too.

Then, in the early Eighties, a fellow named Bob Doll asked me to take over The Small Market Radio Newsletter. Now I had two passions.

Then, in the early Nineties, a fellow named Jerry Yellin told me about this Internet thing — and suddenly I had three passions.

Ever since, I’ve applied my radio experience — and what I’ve learned from fellow broadcasters — to building attractive, profitable websites for radio stations ready to get serious about making serious money online.

Why We’re Different

Most people doing websites for radio stations have little or no experience in the building — and I guarantee you they’ve never sat in your chair.

I have.

So I know you want solid, reliable results — not gimmicks that make you want to sign up but don’t really work out in practice.

Here’s what we hear from the other guys’ dissatisfied customers:

  • “They told me they’d give me sales help, but it never really happened.”
  • “My site goes down all the time.”
  • “They launched my site before it was finished — lots of ‘Page Not Found’ and ‘Coming Soon’ messages, lots of missing links.”
  • “Once they got me signed up, they all but abandoned me.”

Here’s how we work:

  • Not only do we deliver on our promise to help you make money, but as a consultant who’s worked with top stations and groups, I’m actually qualified to do it.
  • We include cloud-based hosting using Google — dedicated servers for ultimate reliability. (Ever known Google to be down?)
  • We won’t put your site online until we can both be proud of it. Sure, there’s always more to do, but your visitors won’t know it.
  • We treat all our clients like they’re our only client. We’re available 24/7 — and the chances are it’ll be me who answers the phone.

Let’s have a conversation. It’ll be fun, and you’ll take away some things you can apply right away, whether we end up working together.

Give me a call on my personal cell — 949-533-4912 — any time.

— Jay Mitchell
Chief Creative Officer